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My name is Jack Walker and I’m running for the Kentucky General Assembly because Frankfort politicians aren’t putting Kentucky first. I want to do something about that.

I’m a South End native and the product of a childhood filled with home cooked meals, loving parents and siblings, best friends among the neighborhood kids and sports. My boyhood was marked by scraped knees and stitches, cheering for the home team, attending Lenten fish fries and summer picnics, and taking an active role within my community. I attended St. Denis grade school, where the class sizes were small but diverse and no student was a stranger. 

My teenage years were spent at Butler High School, a place that was brimming with enthusiasm and school pride. The teachers took an active interest in the future success of their students and imbued our environment with positivity and possibility. From high school, I enrolled at the University of Louisville, studied political science and was active in several campus organizations.

I was fortunate enough to earn an internship with the Legislative Research Commission in Frankfort. I was assigned to a House member, and my days included reading the Legislative Record and tracking bills in committees. The Representative I worked for gave me the opportunity to see directly into the legislative process and through his wealth of knowledge, sparked my passion for governance. 

Since that first trip to Frankfort, I have dedicated my career to helping others achieve their goals of leadership and service. For the past sixteen years, I’ve assisted candidates and incumbent elected officials in formulating and executing campaign strategies. Countless hours and endless meetings resulted in stacks of speeches, detailed revisions, and boots-on-the-ground campaigning. If you live in Louisville, it’s pretty likely that I’ve knocked on your door or called your phone on behalf of one campaign or another. Every time I helped a worthy candidate become a member of the legislature it reminded me of the value and importance of being the voice of the voters.

Working closely with many community leaders has shown me the value of political leadership. I have learned that it is vital we take a stand against political insiders when they’re acting in their own self-interests or neglecting the will of the people. I have taken that stand within the Democratic Party, even when it was unpopular. Residents who honor candidates with votes deserve honest advocacy in Frankfort.

These are the experiences that have made me the person I am. It is this spirit of public service and forward progress I intend to take to Frankfort. I seek to find solutions to the problems we currently face. I intend to ask questions that demand factual answers and workable solutions. I know the value of compromise is the first step in building relationships. And that is how we will make Frankfort work for all of Kentucky.

I believe in people. I believe in public service. I believe in Kentucky. And I believe that a better tomorrow starts with who we elect today.

Together we will build on the legacy that Jim Wayne leaves behind for everyone in the 35th House District.

Together we will bring the voice of our community to the politicians in Frankfort.

Together we will be heard. 

Paid for by Jack Walker for State Representative, Francis L. Lovell, III, Treasurer.
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