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I'm Jack Walker and I'm excited to bring bold, new Democratic leadership to Frankfort. Read on to learn more about my positions and legislative agenda. 

EDUCATION: Kentucky's most valuable and at-risk citizens are our children, and I believe that every Kentucky child deserves access to a high-quality public education. That's why public education will always be my top priority. Public school educators shape our state's future and for that contribution to our community, they deserve competitive pay, benefits, and a secure pension.

DRUG CRISIS: The heroin and opioid epidemics in Kentucky are absolutely devastating our communities. The effects of these crises are felt by families and loved ones across the Commonwealth, and it's clear that the systems we have in place are not stemming the tide. That's why we need to further extend and fully fund programs like the "Living Room Project," which seek to identify and help at-risk individuals. 

TAX REFORM: Working and middle-class families bear a disproportionate burden in this state, and it's time to pass a comprehensive tax reform package. By fairly raising revenue and establishing an earned income tax credit, we can modernize our sales tax code and reward our homegrown businesses for building a conducive economic climate. These changes will support Kentucky's working- and middle-class families in the long term. 

WOMEN'S ISSUES: Equal pay for equal work and eliminating the gender pay gap, protection of reproductive freedom, ensuring access to reproductive health services and eliminating the sexual harassment climate and culture in Frankfort are all important to me. I will be a strong advocate for women's rights.

LGBTQ ISSUES: No Kentucky citizen should be discriminated against or live in fear. Hatred and injustice stem from a lack of understanding and comfort with a subject. Sexuality and race are still difficult topics, particularly in rural communities. Education and community discussion of these issues is key. It is important that leaders across the state meet and discuss in bi-partisan public forums to reduce fear and increase diversity and understanding. By talking about these issues in schools and classrooms and in churches, we can ensure real equality and social justice.

CANNABIS: One of the hottest topics in our country right now is the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis. Currently, Kentucky has three neighboring states that have passed legislation to legalize medicinal cannabis, and it's important that Kentucky be a leader in this commodity; not a follower. It's time to embrace the legalization of cannabis and the potential for the revenue that would be earned.

LABOR UNIONS: As a son that was raised in a union household and as a former dues-paying member to two locals, I am 100% pro labor and working families. When the GOP-controlled legislature passed the so-called "Right-to-Work(for-less)" legislation in 2017, it was an insult to every hardworking Kentuckian. I will work tirelessly to repeal all GOP legislation that aims to weaken collective bargaining rights, prevailing wage and the right to join a union. Working families are the backbone of our state's economy. 

BLUE LICK ROAD: Completing the Blue Lick Rd expansion project is long overdue. I will fight to secure much-needed funding to finish the job. 

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